San Diego Urological Society

All Urology Professionals Welcome!

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UCSD & Balboa Naval Resident Research Presentations

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

5:15 PM PST

In-person meeting will be held at the
San Diego Yacht Club- Staff Commodore Room


We are looking for a member of the SDYC who would sponsor the SDUS – please let us know if you know of someone – Thank you!

In Memorial

F. Michael Busch, MD

Deceased January 4, 2021, age 87.

Dr Busch is a Charter member and friend of many.
We appreciate Mike for his dedicated attendance and membership.
He thoughtfully stepped forward to provide his membership connection at the San Diego Yacht Club on Anchorage Lane for meetings which we have enjoyed tremendously since 2010. His absence will be sadly noticed by the Urologic community and fellow sailors at the Club.
For more info: F. Busch Obituary (1933 - 2021) - San Diego Union-Tribune (

Who We Are

The San Diego Urological Society is a professional society of Urologists and Urology Professionals for the purpose of continuing medical education. The SDUS provides a forum for interaction between educational speakers, physician members, industry and allied urology professionals. The SDUS is a chapter/affiliate of the California Urological Association, Inc.
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SDUS Mission Statement

To provide educational activities which serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge and skills that a physician uses to improve upon patient care.

Target Audience:

The activities shall apply to primary care physicians as well as specialty and sub-specialty, allied health personnel, resident physicians, medical students and when appropriate office staff personnel.


The activities shall extend to the members of the San Diego Urological Society and to urology physicians in the surrounding communities of San Diego county.


The activity will consist of one or two speakers for one or two hours of lecture, panel discussions, audience participation and PowerPoint demonstrations which take place at an evening dinner meeting.

Latest News


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Winner of the 2019 Resident Essay Competition:

Alexander Doudt, MD

Winner awarded a $500 scholarship to the Western Section AUA Annual Meeting.



1st Place: Chad Pusateri, MD

2nd Place: Daniel Han, MD

3rd Place: Nicholas Rocco, MD

Honorable Mention: Richmond Owusu, MD

Honorable Mention: Eric Ballon-Landa, MD

Honorable Mention: Paul Campbell, MD

Honorable Mention: Unwanaobong Nseyo, MD