The winner will be awarded a $500 scholarship to the Western Section AUA Annual Meeting in Monterey, California at the Portola Hotel – November 2-7, 2019. Each Resident must submit an essay or video to the SDUS office that he/she will be presenting at the WSAUA meeting. The deadline to submit is JUNE 10. The format for the SDUS Essay Contest will be that used for the Western Section AUA, so you may want to submit the same essay to the WSAUA for the Residents Essay Contest as well – the WSAUA due date is also JUNE 10. Click here to view format.

SDUS Resident’s Essay Contest: To be eligible for the Resident’s Essay Contest, you must be a resident (does not include fellows) who has not completed residency by the time of the submission deadline. The contestant must be the principal worker and author of the paper. Your essay should be accompanied by the following information:

1) Cover letter: Please include:

  1. Name and address of principal author.
  2. Stage and place of urological training.
  3. Name of co-workers who are to appear on the published paper.
  4. Answer questions: Are you the participant in an on-going research project? Is this original work of yours with advisor(s)? Will you be the first author on manuscript when submitted for publication?.
  5. Include endorsement/signature of your department chairman.

2) Essay or Video Submission:

  1. The essay may consist of any topic of urologic interest. It need not be based on research.
  2. It must not be published prior to Aug 1, 2019
  3. Essay cover page should bear the title of the subject but not the name of the author.
  4. Use manuscript form that is required by the Journal of Urology.

Deadline for entry is JUNE 10, 2019 – send to SDUS office – email to or