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Theodore Affue, MD
Madhu Alagiri, MD
Michael Albo, MD
Julian N. Anthony, MD
Daniel Armendariz-Beltran, MD
Eric Ballon-Landa, MD
Israel Barken, MD
Martin D. Bastuba, MD
Sarah Bennett, MD
Jonathan Berger, MD
Mohamed Bidair, MD
Eric Biewenga, MD
William W. Bonney, MD
Aaron Boonjindasup, MD
Philip C. Bosch, MD
Don I. Boychuk, MD
Robert U. Bregman, MD
Stephen S. Bridge, MD
Phillip Brodak, MD
Scott L. Brown, MD
Jill Buckley, MD
Mike Busch, MD
Philip A. Butler, MD, FACS
George Chiang, MD
Jay H. Choe, MD
Matthew S. Christman, MD
Debbie S. Cohen, PT
Edward S. Cohen, MD
Mel Cohen, MBA
Seth D. Cohen, MD, MPH
Dan Collard
Don Crain, MD
Paul E. Dato, MD
Mitra de Cógáin, MD
Ithaar Derweesh, MD
Brian M. Dicks, MD
Alex Doudt, MD
Erin Dwyer, NP
Robert Eisenberg, MD, FACS
John Emery, MD
Dena Engel, MD
Gerald B. Farrow, MD
James C. Fawcett, MD
Kimberly Fischer, MD
Vincent J. Flynn, MD, Sr.
William E. Friedel, MD
Franklin D. Gaylis, MD
Elana Godebu, MD
Irwin Goldstein, MD
Sue Goldstein, MD
Joshua Gonzalez, MD
David Griffin, MD
John Grimaldi, DO
Suzanne Gudeman, MD
Sean Haight, MD
Daniel Han, MD
Pat Harrison
Harry M. Henderson, III, MD
Lori Ann Hergan, MD
Marc Holden, MD
Gerald E. Howe, MD
Mike Hsieh, MD
Daniel B. Hunting, MD
Brandon Isariyawongse, MD
Thomas A. Jones, MD
Karim Kader, MD
Christopher J. Kane, MD
George W. Kaplan, MD
Carol Kashefi, MD
John Kehoe, MD
Danny L. Keiller, MD
Huathin Khaw, MD
Phil Kim, MD

Ramdev Konijeti, MD
Ryan Kopp, MD
Michelle Koski, MD
Susan Lahey, MD
Charles M. Lakin, MD
Hak Lee, MD
James O. L’Esperance, MD
Michael A. Liss, MD
Adela Lopez, MD
Matthew Lux, MD
Ronald C. Mac Intyre, MD
Mike Marshall, MD
Robert H. Masters, MD
Jim Masterson, MD
Michael P. McCarthy, MD
Michelle McDonald, MD
Daniel Miller, MD
Todd Miodek, NP
Hossein Mirheydar, MD
William G. Moseley, MD
Daniel A. Nachtsheim, MD
John Naitoh, MD
Kazufumi Nakashima, MD
Kelly Nast, MD
Norman Needel, MD
Paul Neustein, MD
Justin J. Nork, MD
Unwanaobong U. Nseyo, MD
Richmond A. Owusu, MD
Michael Parenteau, MD
Samuel Park, MD
C. Lowell Parsons, MD
Kelly Parsons, MD
Nishant Patel, MD
Mark Pe, MD
Jaime Perez-Mendez, MD
Jason Phillips, MD, MBA
Paul V. Polishuk, MD
Margo Porter, RN
Omer Raheem, MD
Eugene Y. Rhee, MD, MBA
George N. Riffle, MD
James Roberts, MD
Kyoko Sakamoto, MD
Carol Salem, MD
Michael Santomauro, MD
Patrick Scarborough, MD
Joseph D. Schmidt, MD
Michael Schumacher, PA-C
Vincent S. Shallow, MD
Lisa Shames, PhD
Harry Shapiro
Franciska Shuler, HP
Jordan Siegel, MD
David Sisul, MD
Noel Sobing, NP
Howard B. Somers, MD
Sean Stroup, MD
Roger Sur, MD
George P. Szollar, MD
Blake S. Talbot, MD
Bruce Thompson, NP
Evan M. Vapnek, MD
Jacqueline V. Villalta, MD
John C. Wade, MD
Lance Walsh, MD
Alan H. Walther, MD, FACS
David Wenzler, MD
Jeffrey Woldrich, MD
Jason Woo, MD
Melanie Wuerstle, MD
Michael Yap, MD

Questions regarding membership, contact us at 714-550-9155 or
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Winner of the 2017 Resident Essay Competition:


Winner awarded a $500 scholarship to the Western Section AUA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC (Aug 6-10).



1st Place: Brittney Cotta, MD

2nd Place: Chrissy Herforth, MD

3rd Place: Richmond Owusu, MD

Honorable Mention: Rachel Rubin, MD

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Berger, MD

Honorable Mention: Daniel Han, MD

Honorable Mention: Ashley Winter, MD

Honorable Mention: John Kehoe, MD

Honorable Mention: Patrick Scarborough, MD

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